Sadaf Amini

Improvisation and original compositions by Sadaf Amini.

Sadaf Amini was born in Tehran, Iran, where, at the age of 12, she began studying the santur, and later entered Tehran Music School. In 2012, she received her Bachelor's degree in Iranian Music Performance from Tehran University. During her studies, she trained with the following masters of the santur: Said Sabet, Mina Oftadeh, Siamak Aghaei, Ardavan Kamkar, Majid Kiani, and Daryush Talaei. In 2014, she immigrated to Canada where she received her Master's degree in Music Technology and Digital Media, University of Toronto, in 2018. She has performed at several music festivals and received First Prize in the 2006 Fajr Music Festival for Ensembles (Iran), the 2007 Festival of Music Conservatories (Iran), the 2007 Fajr Music Festival (Iran), and the 2015 Colour of Music Festival (Vancouver, Canada).

She has collaborated with various ensembles at multiple concerts in Iran, Turkey, China, and Canada, leading to the following album recordings: Gar Chehre Benmayad by Mohammadreza Fayaz, Khayam and Minimal by Pooria Shivafard, Rishe Dar Khak by Masih Tahvildari, Bird Dance by Farnaz Ohadi, 12 Pishdaramad and Reng by Hossein Alizadeh, and 33 Pieces for the Santur arranged by Mina Oftade. She is expanding her expertise in music production, recording, editing, mixing, and continues to play the santur as a professional musician.

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