Michelle Kasaboski
Michelle Kasaboski, vocals; Dave Barton, guitar; Zak Colbert, bass; James Wannamaker, tenor saxophone; Sean Donaldson, drums
  1. The Strikeout Swing (Michelle Kasaboski)
  2. When I Fall In Love (Edward Heyman/Victor Young)
  3. Don’t Think of You Often (Michelle Kasaboski)

Michelle is on a journey to establish herself as a top jazz and AC singer in the Canadian music scene. Commended for her rich tone and vocal command, she continues to draw praise from audiences and musicians alike, including Juno Award winning artists Ranee Lee (Vocal Jazz Album of the Year, 2010) and Hugh Johnston (Musicounts Teacher of the Year, 2012). Her most recent successes include the release of a new EP of Jazz Standards, The Very Thought of You, and a sold-out concert at the Kingston Grand Theatre this past Christmas (2018).

Beginning her professional singing career at the age of 9, Michelle explored a variety of musical genres before deciding that settling on just one was not what she was meant to do. “I have always struggled to find exactly where I fit in the industry. I love to sing a variety of genres and have been lucky to experience success singing multiple styles, whether it has been country, classical, or jazz. I had always looked at that as a negative thing but now I know myself better and I know that what I am is simple: a singer.”

Having completed her Bachelor of Arts and a Business Diploma, Michelle moved to Montreal where she was inspired by both the city's vibrant artistic culture and her work experience in the fashion industry to return to her studies in music. Michelle is currently completing her Bachelor of Music at the Queen's University DAN School of Drama and Music where she majors in Voice Performance. Michelle studies with Darrell Bryan, and has studied with several other vocal coaches including Juno Award winner Ranee Lee (jazz), Dianne Baird (opera), Diana Gilchrist (opera), Barbara Szarek (opera and musical theatre), Bruce Kelly (musical theatre), Tammy Frederick (pop), and Dr. Mark Sirett (choral).

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