Melos Ensemble with Sadaf Amini
Sadaf Amini, John Burge, and Kingston Chamber Choir directed by Darrell Christie

The Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts asked itself, “What CAN we do that would amplify the voices and creativity of artists, students, creators, and educators in a rapidly-evolving multi-platform world?”   Supported through the Ballytobin Foundation, the Isabel created its new IMAGINE Project Creation @ the Isabel program that supported Kingston artists and beyond in their creation-based artist and creator residencies, online arts education initiatives, film creation, audio recording creation, and high-fidelity streaming.


Join us tonight for a celebration of the meeting of cultures!


Sadaf Amini, John Burge, and Kingston Chamber Choir directed by Darrell Christie perform an audio recording excerpt from John Burge’s new work, Flight 752 Elegies 


Melos Ensemble with Sadaf Amini - Three haunting Medieval tunes from the Iberian Peninsula showing shared riches from Jewish, Muslim & Christian cultures with Melos singers, strings, santur, oud, and percussion in an audio recording excerpt of this new program, in Iberian Triptych.