The Quasar Saxophone Quartet
Peter Freeman
Jeffrey Leung

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The Dan School is thrilled to host Montreal’s Quasar Saxophone Quartet for a three-day visit which in addition to today’s concert, includes presentations, performance masterclasses and readings of student composers’ saxophone quartets. Known for their bold innovation, the four members of Quasar have been exploring the innumerable facets of musical creation since the group's founding in 1994. Whether solo or accompanied by a symphony orchestra, acoustic or plugged-in, Quasar offers its audience unique and highly original programming. Impressively, the ensemble has been awarded nine OPUS prizes by the Conseil québécois de la musique, including "Artist of the Year". Joining Quasar on this concert is the Dan School’s recently retired saxophone professor, Peter Freeman, as well as Jeffrey Leung, who took over the school’s saxophone studio in September 2021. In addition to the six saxophonists already mentioned, Dan School saxophone students will be joining in the performance of the final work, making this concert a real “Saxtravaganza”.